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Is your business ready for a recession?

Is your business ready for a recession?

How to survive and even grab market share in a recessionary market
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I’m going to start with the punchline here:

  • Recessions are historically short - the average being 11 months

  • Fear, combined with doomsday reporting before and after an actual recession, makes this period seem much longer

  • Most businesses overreact and lose momentum and market position

My 10 strategic recommendations for surviving and thriving in recessionary markets.

  1. Double down on solutions to current market pain points.

  2. Realign products and services to solve relevant market pain points.

  3. Don’t starve your sales force.

  4. Broaden and deepen your lead generation targeting and campaigns.

  5. Help your salespeople become better lead generators.

  6. Create content, lots of content. Be the expert, the solution, in a painful market.

  7. Take advantage of competitors failing.

  8. Increase marketing while others are slashing budgets.

  9. Pick up sales and marketing talent.

  10. Focus.

My Executive Brief
My Executive Brief Podcast
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