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  • Lead generation: Deep dives on how online lead generation works and how to improve the leads you buy and tips on capturing leads on your own website.

  • Lead management: Getting the lead is only the first step. We’ll share strategies and tactics for optimizing lead distribution and managing initial contact.

  • Selling and sales automation: This might be the secret sauce you’re looking for. Internet leads are very different lead from referrals and B2B or SaaS leads, which most sales tips target. In this newsletter, we focus exclusively on high volume, transactional B2C sales - mortgage, insurance, solar, legal, education, and similar industries.

  • Lead nurturing: How do you get more juice out of your lead buying and generation? How do you drive up your ROI/ROAS? Lead nurturing. This is my specialty - converting aged leads to fresh consumer intent.

Nowhere else can you get actionable sales strategies and tactics specifically for working, managing, and converting Internet leads.

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